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Sinead O'Connor show cancellations 2022

We would like to respectfully announce that due to continuing grief over the tragic loss of her beloved son Shane earlier this year, Sinead O'Connor will not be performing live in 2022.


This has not been an easy decision for Sinead but a decision she has had to make for her own health and wellbeing at this time.


We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Sinead's worldwide agency ICM who have handled this with the utmost respect and dignity and have worked tirelessly.


We would also extend our gratitude for the continuing support and understanding of local and international promoters.


Thank you also to Sinead's friends and fans whose support and understanding we hold in the highest esteem throughout this period. 


The love being shown has been a source of great comfort and peace for Sinead.


Thank you and very best,

67 Management.

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